Day 2 of the diary of Squishy the fish

Well she’s gone. She said goodbye, but it was quick and not sentimental at all. I don’t think she’s going to miss me. I say she is a she or it could be a him or it. Who knows I’m only a fish. It’s been quiet since the she, him or it has left. I’ve been swimming around for hours looking at the same old things. Occasionally this hairy thing with 2 pointy things comes up to my bowl and looks in. Scary, it may try and eat me. I wonder what exciting things tomorrow will bring. I feel funny. 😞

Squishy the fishes diary.

Hello my name is Squishy the fish. Well it’s day 2 of me being bought by my owner Charlie Bown and already I’ve found out I can’t live with her, boo hoo. You see she lives in a funny place called Foul Mouth and apparently no pets are allowed. I’ve cried so much my bowl is nearly over flowing! Tonight is my last night with her, what am I going to do, who’s going to look after me……!